Getting started with Forge2D and Flame with Flutter

- Andrés Cruz

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Getting started with Forge2D and Flame with Flutter


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With Flame and Flutter, we can make 2D games focused on mobile, desktop or web; as we saw in the course/book on "First steps with Flame with Flutter" we can create all kinds of 2D games using sprite, collisions, tap events, keyboard, Drag among others and a camera system, to name some important features ; With Forge2D and Flame, we can do all of the above but using a 2D physics engine, to implement simpler jumps, collisions between bodies, simulations, are some examples of what we can achieve.

This book has a total of 6 chapters, it is recommended that you read in the order in which they are arranged and as we explain the fundamentals of Forge 2D with Flame based on examples; Once you master the library, you can consult the sections in any order you want.

Chapter 1: We will create a project in Flutter with the basic dependencies necessary to create games with Forge 2D, Flame and Flutter.

Chapter 2: We will explain the basic concepts such as what Forge 2D is, the bodies, their characteristics and components.

Chapter 3: We will create several small examples to present one by one the main features and functionalities of Forge2D.

Chapter 4: We will create our first real game in Forge which would be a platform game.

Chapter 5: We will create a second game where we will implement functionalities similar to Angry Birds.

Chapter 6: We will create a third game where we will implement functionalities similar to Pinball.

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