How to create a chess pawn in Blender

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How to create a chess pawn in Blender

Continuing with the entry we saw previously in which we modeled a Chess board.

In this entry we will see how to model a chess pawn with Blender; for this we are going to use a sphere instead of the cube that we have by default, so we select the cube and then X to delete; Once this is done we press shift A and then add a UV sphere:

uv sphere

The next step we are going to take will be to go to the orthogonal view with 5, then 6 to position ourselves on one of the sides of the sphere; Finally we press TAB to go to the Edit view and the Z key on the keyboard to activate the wireframe:

modo edición esfera wireframe

We select the lower vertices with the box selection tool (B key):

esfera vértices inferiores

And we delete the selected vertices:

borrar vértices inferiores esfera

The next step is to select the lower vertices of the sphere with the box selection, with the B key and press E to extrude, then Z to extrude in the Z axis only and leave the other vertices fixed, we go down as shown in the following image:

extruir sección inferior esfera

Next step, we climb by pressing the S key:

escalar sección inferior esfera

And then we extrude again with E and then click to leave the new vertices in the same place; With this we scale out:

extruir escalar sección inferior esfera

Then we extrude with E and press Z and lower the vertices a little:

base peón

Again we extrude with E and click immediately after extruding, then we press Z and then 0 and with this we have finished the model or the base mesh:

figura base

Now we go to the object view with TAB and we are going to add a Subdivision Surface in Blender so that it does not look so square; To do this, we click on the key-shaped icon, look for the modifier and configure it as follows:

figura base subdivision surface

Our figure or pawn is very rounded all around it, we have to add some cuts to avoid this; To do this, we go to the Edit view with TAB and add a cut in the neck of the figure:

figura base corte 1

We are going to apply another cut at the base of our figure and we are going to raise it but NOT all the way so that we have a slight rounding at the base:

figura base corte 2

And we do the same with the bottom part; that is, we do not take it all the way so that it remains slightly rounded:

figura base corte 3

One last cut that we will place from the middle of the figure to the bottom of it:

figura base corte 4

We go to Object Mode with Tab and add a Smooth.

And then we go to the materials section and add a material and add the color we prefer:

plano peón

With this we have our pawn ready, we are going to make some more additions to be able to take a render; for that, the first thing we have to do is add a plane, we place it at the bottom of the pawn and scale it with S and then 100 and place a material on it:

color peón

Now we select the lamp and place it as specified in the image and give it 10 energy:

configurar lámpara

Finally, we select the camera and position it as shown in the image; you can help yourself with the Lock Camera to View option in the panel that appears with N:

posicionar cámara

And this would be all, you just need to hit render with F12 and we are ready.

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