Getting started with developing iOS apps with Swift: getting to know Xcode

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Getting started with developing iOS apps with Swift: getting to know Xcode

Are you thinking of learning to program for iOS? Do you want to expand your knowledge in the development of mobile applications, and that they are native, do you want to learn how to develop to create your applications for iPhone and iPads? You have complete projects in which you need to develop both on the web as we teach in our Master in CodeIgniter:


And you also need to learn how to develop apps for both Android and iOS; Well, you are in the right place; we are going to create a series of tutorials until we have a course for iOS in which we are going to learn how to create applications on iOS with Swift.

In a world where the field of mobile devices is gaining more and more ground and other platforms such as the PC are losing more territory, it does not seem unreasonable that we want to learn to develop our mobile applications; On this occasion I come to talk about the development of applications with iOS, this Apple operating system for mobile devices that rivals Android itself, which we have already talked a lot about; both platforms in constant war giving constant changes between the two, more customization, more features and options where the only winner is the user.

Reasons to develop on iOS

iOS is a system that was initially developed for the iPhone and later scaled to other devices such as IPads.

Before asking yourself where to start to learn how to develop apps on iOS, you should know that iOS is one of the most widely used mobile systems today, with a market share of more than 25% worldwide, it is not a figure that we should pass. for high.

For this reason, it is essential to know this technology in order to develop applications for iOS; and in this way to be able to expand our horizons.

Elements to develop on iOS

The first thing we have to do, or rather to have, is a Mac, it is essential to have the MacOS operating system and this is only legally "available" in the computer equipment that Apple offers us, as a cutting-edge technology company that is You don't think about other platforms and well, you need a Mac in one of its multiple versions that the apple company has.

Of course, there are services that offer to use a Mac environment for a few dollars a month, and even when MacOS runs on Intel processors, which are used by Windows, there are methods in which you can install MacOS on a PC but that is beyond the point. of this entry and it is up to you if you want to go this way.

The other thing you need is a desire to learn, but if you're already here, surely you have enough of that.

In general, I use a Mac Mini from 2018, the most recent, in its most basic configuration (the cheapest) which is excellent for me to develop applications in iOS, it has a very good performance and is ideal if you already have your monitor , mouse, keyboard and you want to use it as a secondary computer, since if you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that I am currently using Windows, which is my main computer.

Xcode: essential tool for developing apps on iOS

Xcode has been what Android Studio is for the development of Android applications, a complete IDE that Android developers would like to have to make applications for iOS.


Xcode is an Integrated Development Environment which is also known as IDE by its acronym in English that is available as indicated before only for MacOS and allows you to create applications for MacOs, iOS, WatchOS and TvOS, in short, it is a complete IDE to develop applications in Apple environments as we will see in the following deliveries.

Install Xcode on your Mac

To install Xcode you have to do very little, it is enough that you have all the configurations that Apple asks you to use its systems and services, your account on your Mac, the Apple ID, your billing account to which you do not have to include a card credit, your functional iTunes account and little else...

Aplicación en Xcode

Although it sounds like a lot, it's actually very simple and MacOS will guide you every time you try to perform an action. If you're missing something, MacOS will tell you.

So far there is not much to say about the above, once you have everything organized, you go to your App Store and search for Xcode:

Descargar Xcode en la App Store

You click on install, wait a while for the MacOS to download and install and that's it, you already have everything you need to develop your applications for iOS; it's even easier than on Windows and even easier than installing Android Studio.

Learn to develop your applications with iOS

The next thing we must do is start coding to create our first iOS applications, for that we are going to carry out a series of tutorials to learn from the beginning how we can create our first iOS applications with the Swift programming language.

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