How to add Laragon in the Windows PATH

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How to add Laragon in the Windows PATH

Laragon is a portable and isolated integrated development environment for the PHP and MySQL programming language; although, with it, we can easily develop other technologies like Python, Node and many more. In addition, Laragon includes features such as the ability to deploy projects with a single click and software version management and is the software I personally use to develop on windows both professionally and in my courses and books. Laragon is designed to be easy to use and offer a smooth user experience.

One of the problems we have with Laragon is that the ENTIRE ecosystem that we have installed in it is established in one place, through the terminal that comes by default, which, although excellent, falls short when, for example, we want to use the system one, the CMD or when we develop in our Visual Studio Code and we CANNOT use the one that comes embedded in said system.

Add Laragon in Windows Environment Variables

In Laragon, we have this option, to add Laragon to the PATH via an environment variable hidden from view; to perform this operation, we leave our window in Laragon:

Laragon UI
Laragon UI

We right click on a white/clean part and we go to the option:

And ready! with this we will be able to enjoy the ENTIRE ecosystem of Laragon in any Windows terminal, both CDM, powershell and those provided by VSC; since, it was just added in the windows environment variables.

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