Optional parameters in Vue Router

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Optional parameters in Vue Router

When you are working with Routes in Vue with Vue Router; surely you will be interested in defining parameters to your routes in Vue; and more than this, that some are optional; for that, all you have to do is place the ? in front of the parameter.

Optional parameters are a feature that allow you to define part of a route as optional when navigating between different components.

Optional parameters are defined using question marks (?) in the path. For example, if you have a /post/:id? feed, the id parameter is considered optional. This means that the /post path and the /post/123 path will both be valid.

When an optional parameter is used in a route, you can access its value in the corresponding component via this.$route.params . If the optional parameter is not present in the URL, its value will be undefined.

export const routes = [
        name: 'home',
        path: '/test/:param1?',
        component: Home

I just add a question mark ? will make it optional

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