Install Alpine.js

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Install Alpine.js

Alpine.js is a lightweight and easy to use JavaScript library used to add interactivity and functionality to web pages; its purpose is to present a minimalist alternative to more complex frameworks like Vue.js or React.

Alpine.js uses HTML attributes to add functionality to page elements. It allows you to manipulate the DOM, perform conditional actions, handle events and perform interactions in a simple and declarative way, without the need to write a lot of JavaScript code; All the logic can be defined at the attribute level or in a separate script block.

Some notable features of Alpine.js are:

  1. Intuitive syntax: Alpine.js uses a clear and easy to understand syntax, therefore its learning curve is quite low.
  2. Declarative interactivity: Allows you to add interactivity to HTML elements by adding special attributes such as x-data, x-show, x-bind, among others.
  3. DOM manipulation: Alpine.js allows you to easily manipulate the DOM using attributes.
  4. Events and Actions: Allows you to handle events such as clicks, state changes, and keypresses, and perform corresponding actions using directives such as x-on and x-bind.
  5. Size and performance: Alpine.js is extremely lightweight, with a very small file size. This makes it ideal for small projects or those looking for a simple solution without adding a lot of complexity or overhead to the website.

In order to use Alpine JS, we can do it through Node:

$ npm i alpinejs

Or via the CDN:

<script defer src=""></script>

The CDN is going to be the path that will be used in this book as it is the simplest and therefore the most recommended to start with.

An application in Alpine consists of two parts:

  1. The declaration of the data, through the x-data attribute.
  2. The functional part, which is using the logic that you implement using the Alpine features.

This tutorial is part of my book about Alpine.js

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