New Form Fields in HTML5 (Quick Guide)

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New Form Fields in HTML5 (Quick Guide)

In this article I will try to show you the new fields that HTML5 brings us; As we will see, there are many specific "types" for each type of field; going through various date formats until reaching others such as email, URLs, ranges, among others:

TipoDescripcionSintaxisHTML Marcado
DateDate format includes day-month-year.<input type="date"> 
datetimeDate and time using UTC - time zone.<input type="datetime"> 
datetime-localDate and time without time zone.<input type="datetime-local"> 
monthMonth and year.<input type="month"> 
timeThe hour of the day.<input type="time"> 
weekFormat to enter the week of the year.<input type="week"> 
colorA "colorpicker", using hexadecimal notation.<input type="color""> 
emailField to enter an email; using the format followed by the pattern attribute.<input type="email"> 
telField to enter a telephone number; using the format followed by the pattern attribute.<input type="tel"> 
searchA search field.<input type="search"> 
rangeA 'slider' for numbers.<input type="range"> 
numberOnly accepts numerical values.<input type="number"> 
urlOnly accepts URLs.<input type="url"> 
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