Sprites or images for Flame - SpriteComponent

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Sprites or images for Flame - SpriteComponent

We are going to know the main elements that we must know to work with Flame, we will see how to create the components, which are the key piece to create each of the elements of our game, the basic structure of a game with Flame and the use of the inputs (keyboard, joystick, etc) that is the way in which the user can interact with the application.


Sprites are a common term in 2D game development and are nothing more than images that represent game objects and characters. Sprites can be animated or static; this means that in the case of animated sprites, each of the frames for an action are available in the same image (as you can see in the images in this publication) states such as dying, walking, running or jumping are typical that we can use

Sprites can be combined into sprite sheets to reduce the amount of memory resources needed to load them; since, if we loaded each frame in a different image, each one of them would have to be accessed individually, an operation that would not be optimal; We can also combine multiple frames of various types and even from other players or objects, all in a single image.

Reference a Sprite

Each sprite has a position in the game's 2D space and can change its position on each frame, allowing for the creation of animations.

In 2D game development, the use of sprites is very common due to its simplicity and efficiency in memory usage; On the Internet, you can find all kinds of Sprites of objects and characters, both free and paid; On websites like HumbleStore or Fanatical, they always have bundles of Sprites that we can use in our projects at a very low price.

First, let's start by defining what a sprite is.

SpriteComponent: Components for rendering images

The SpriteComponent is a type of component in the development of 2D video games that is used to render images, that is, sprites. Sprites are used to represent 2D game objects and characters and can be animated or static; In the course and book, we use the SpriteComponent component to draw static characters, as a background component, for tiles, for consumables and in general, you can use it to represent any object that can be interacted with in the game in any way.

The SpriteComponent is responsible for loading and displaying an image in the game. this component can receive a sprite sheet, which is an image containing several different sprites that are used in the game. The SpriteComponent allows you to select one of the sprites from the sprite sheet for display in-game.

In short, SpriteComponents are important components in 2D game development, as they allow you to represent game objects and characters through the use of sprites.

As we mentioned before, a sprite is a series of images joined in the same file next to each other like the following:


Or like this:


A sprite is nothing more than a collection of images put into a single image and they are widely used in any game engine such as Unity; In video game development, a sprite is an image where all the movements (states) of a character or object are included; therefore, it is common for a 2D game to have multiple images for each animable object.

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