Pinch Zoom Effect in Flutter

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Pinch Zoom Effect in Flutter

In this article, we explore the pinch zoom effect in Flutter using the pinch-zoom-image package. With the help of the package, we can easily achieve flutter pinch_zoom_image, in which we can rotate and zoom the image. and reach your position easily.

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Pinch Zoom effect for images

1 Dependencies

dependencies:   pinch_zoom_image_updated:

2 Implement the code

We are going to implement this effect, of pinching on an image and that we can apply zoom to it; for this we are going to carry out a minimal implementation, with an image that will be in our assets folder; we only need a class called PinchZoomImage and some listener methods to detect when the image zoom starts and ends, in case you want to implement them.


In this article, I have explained a demonstration of pinch zoom effect in Flutter, you can modify this code to implement it in any other type of schemas, like listing, detail page... it all depends on the theme of your app.

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