Keyboard Shortcuts: Shortcut in Electron.js

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Keyboard Shortcuts: Shortcut in Electron.js

The globalShortcut module can register (or override) a global keyboard shortcut with the operating system so that you can customize the operations for various shortcuts to perform specific functions in each case; For example, the famous Control/Command + S combination to save application state is easy to capture in Electron.js:

const { globalShortcut } = require('electron')
globalShortcut.register('CommandOrControl+S', () => {
 // TO DO

To unregister a combination:


To unregister all shortcuts:


From the menu in Electron.js, we can specify a property called accelerator with which we can also specify the keyboard shortcuts; for example:


const { app, ipcMain, Menu, shell, BrowserWindow, globalShortcut } = require('electron')
const { open_file, save_file } = require("./editor-options")

const template = [
        label: 'File',
        submenu: [
                label: "Save",
                accelerator: 'CommandOrControl+Shift+S',
                click() {
                    const win = BrowserWindow.getFocusedWindow()
                    win.webContents.send('editorchannel', 'file-save')

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