Required software and tools installation on CodeIgniter 4: Windows - MySQL, PHP and Apache

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Required software and tools installation on CodeIgniter 4: Windows - MySQL, PHP and Apache

In this post we will talk about the solutions we have to work with frameworks like CodeIgniter; also known as development environments, in Windows, we have several options; we can use solutions like Chocolate, install the tools manually or use predefined solutions like LAMP.

Solutions like XAMPP are software packages that contain a set of open source programs that are widely used for creating web projects on the client and server sides. These packages include an Apache web server, a MySQL database, a PHP programming language implementation among others.

In the case of Windows, the solutions "next, next next..." can be WAMP and XAMPP among other similar ones; although, if you don't have any environment installed, Laragon is an excellent solution as it is the most complete, scalable and simple to work with:

In its "Full" version

As you can see on the page, the purposes of Laragon is to allow development in Laravel applications, since CodeIgniter is a simpler framework and with fewer requirements than Laravel, you can use this environment perfectly.

Laragon offers a simple and flexible scheme for our Windows; If you have any of the above or similar software, you can install it parallel to these, since Laragon works in an environment isolated from the Operating System.

Added to this, Laragon has another interesting advantage, which is that of automatically generating clean URLs through the automatic configuration of the virtual host or virtual hosts; such that, we don't have to access as:


Or start the process with spark (we'll talk about it later). Laragon already generates a clean URL with which we can access and which is made up of the name of the project plus the ".test" extension; In our example it would be something like this:


Of course, you can create your virtual hosts with Apache using other software like Xampp, but the difference is that with Laragon it generates it automatically and in Xampp and the like it doesn't, besides that Laragon has the virtue that you can easily install new programs and vary from version.

You can install this software regardless of whether you already have Wamp or another installed, since it is isolated from the Operating System, that is, Windows; in this book, the use of virtual hosts will not be necessary, since we will use the server provided by Codeigniter 4.

This post is part of my complete course and book on CodeIgniter 4.

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