Manipulating objects in Blender (part 1)

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Manipulating objects in Blender (part 1)

In this article we will see how to manipulate objects in Blender's three-dimensional space.

Selecting Objects in Blender

The first thing we have to be clear about is that to select objects in Blender; understand geometric figures, cameras, lamps, among others; Just use the right click on the object.

Ningún objeto seleccionado

Image 1 No object selected.

How do we know that the object is selected? Blender marks said object with an orange outline around it:

Cubo Seleccionado

Image 2 Selected Cube.

We can select all the objects by pressing the A key.

Todos los objetos Seleccionados

Image 3 All selected objects.

If we press A again, it will have the opposite effect; that is to say; deselect all objects.

Adding Objects in Blender

To add Objects in Blender we have to press Add in the menu or we can use the keyboard shortcut shift + A to display the menu.

Menú: Add

Image 4 Menu: Add.

We have several options, curves, meshes, lamps, cameras, etc. For this article we will add Susanne, the Blender mascot: add >> Mesh >> Monkey.

Menú: Add >> Mesh >> Monkey

Image 5 Menu: Add >> Mesh >> Monkey.

Where is the figure added?

An important point is that the figure is added where we have the 3D cursor positioned; This is our view:

El Cursor 3D para agregar objetos

Image 6 The 3D Cursor to add objects.

Now, we add the object: add >> Mesh >> Monkey.

Susanne la mascota de Blender

Image 7 Susanne, Blender's mascot.

The figure has as its center the position of the 3d cursor.

Delete Objects in Blender

Select the object(s) you want to delete, then we can do some of the following options:

  • We press the delete key, then a dialog will appear asking if we want to delete the selected object(s). We press delete.
  • We press the x key: then a dialog will appear asking if we want to delete the selected object(s). We press delete.
  • In the right bar, the Tools tab, click Delete.

Duplicate Objects in Blender

We select the object and then we have several shapes:

  • Control + C to copy it and Control + V to paste it.
  • In the right bar, the Tools tab, click on Duplicate.
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