How to create a Target collection in Wikitude

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How to create a Target collection in Wikitude

In this post we will explain how to create a Target collection in Wikitude.

What is the Target Collection?

A Target collection is nothing more than a collection of Targets; a Target is the destination image that will be used by the Tracker to recognize an image.

Creating our first Target Collection

Now let's proceed to create our Target collection; for that we go to the following link:

  • Click on the Add project option.
agregar proyecto
  • We give our project a name and press the Create button.
crear proyecto
  • Click on our project.
  • Now we drag (drag and drop) the images to our project; which must be PNG (without transparent pixels) or JPG.
agregar imágenes
  • We created our Target collection; for that we clicked the images that formed the same.
go to overview
  • We give it a name and click on Generate target collection.
generate target collection
  • It will show us a message like the following; click on the Go to overview option and download our target collection.
go to overview

Star range

In point 6 we see that Wikitude classifies the images that we have uploaded according to a range; let's see what it means:

  • 0 stars: Not suitable for tracking and therefore this image cannot be tracked.
  • 1 Stars: Image provides limited tracking ability.
  • 2 and 3 stars: They offer a good tracking capacity.

General tips for images

  • Preferably use images with various textures with a high level of contrast; you can also increase the contrast to the image with some image editor like gimp.
  • Avoid images with large sections of solid colors or soft color transitions or repeating patterns.
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