First steps with Wikitude on Android (part 1)

- Andrés Cruz

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First steps with Wikitude on Android (part 1)

From the first steps with Wikitude with which we can create applications with augmented reality with Android Studio, IOS, PhoneGap and many more as you can see in the download link:

Wikitude download

Wikitude documentation

Basic concepts and technologies:

  • Augmented reality as we can consists of adding virtual objects or elements to elements of the real world through computer processes.
  • Image recognition allows you to recognize real-world elements through an image provided and configured in the application.
  • Recognition through geolocation through points of interest that are the famous POIs by their acronym in English.
  • Instant Tracking is a tracking technology that allows you to display 3D elements without the need for POIs.

Examples of Instant Tracking:

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