Remove elements from an array in Vue: CRUD

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Remove elements from an array in Vue: CRUD

As part of our list application, which is part of our CRUD, we are going to create the delete option, which since it is not necessary to define a component for this option, since we do it directly in the list, we can use anything we can apply a click event, for example, to a button:

   <router-link :to="{ name: 'create' }">Crear</router-link>
     <li v-for="(a, k) in $root.animes" :key="a">
         :to="{ name: 'detail', params: { anime: JSON.stringify(a) } }"
         {{ a.title }}
       <router-link :to="{ name: 'edit', params: { position: k } }"
       <button @click="remove(k)">Eliminar</button>

As you can see, we have a remove function, to which we pass the index, but it can also be the id if you are working with a database or a rest api; finally we removed it from our list:

export default {
 data() {
   return {
     animes: [],
 async mounted() {
   await this.$root.getAnime();
 methods: {

And with this, when the element of a reactive component, such as the array, is removed, it is automatically updated from our array.

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