Problems when running gradle task 'assembledebug' in Flutter, stuck

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Problems when running gradle task 'assembledebug' in Flutter, stuck

Gradle starts running and keeps running and running until the end of time and NEVER finishes running... So, in this article, we'll see how to resolve the running Gradle task assembleDebug in Flutter.

How to solve the problem when executing the assembleDebug Gradle task in Flutter?

You can try the following things:

Windows Firewall was causing this problem. After I temporarily disabled it, the problem went away. It's worth a try.

If this didn't work for you, you can try the following

Open your flutter project directory.

Change directory to the android directory in your flutter project directory cd android and run

./gradlew clean

And then:

 ./gradlew build 

Or you can combine both commands with just

./gradlew clean build.

Now run your flutter project. If you are using vscode, press F5. The first time Gradle runs debugging the assembly it will take time and this should solve the problem.

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