Fix 'MediaQueryData.fromWindow' is deprecated and shouldn't be used in Flutter

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Fix 'MediaQueryData.fromWindow' is deprecated and shouldn't be used in Flutter

In this post we will see how to correct the error of:

'MediaQueryData.fromWindow' is deprecated and shouldn't be used

MediaQueryData.fromWindow is a Flutter function that is used to get information about the window in which the application is running, this window can be a mobile device, a browser or a desktop application, really any device supported by Flutter. It is usually used to get the size of the window by:


But. in recent versions of Flutter its use is discouraged as it is deprecated; It is important to mention that what is deprecated is the constructor, not the class or API; now, if you want to get the equivalent of the previous function, you should use:


For example:

screenWidth = MediaQueryData.fromView(View.of(context)).size.width;
screenHeight = MediaQueryData.fromView(View.of(context)).size.height;
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