Enabling Network Access in Flutter for macOS

- Andrés Cruz

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Enabling network access is essential for our Flutter application to work correctly in macOS environments, since, probably when you try to consume a resource through an HTTP communication, you will see an error like the following:

SocketException: Connection failed (OS Error: Operation not permitted, errno = 1) with flutter app on macOS

And for this, we must enable network access.

Why is it important to enable network access?

  1. Communication with External Servers:
    1. Many applications require connecting to external servers to obtain real-time data, such as updates, dynamic content, or authentication. Without network access, the application will not be able to communicate with these servers, which will affect its functionality.
  2. Integration with APIs and Web Services:
    1. Most modern applications use APIs or web services to obtain relevant information, it allows our application to communicate with these services and provide a complete experience to the user.
  3. Updates and Downloads:
    1. Applications may require updates or downloads of additional resources (images, files, etc.). Without network access, these operations will not be possible.

Setting up Network Access in macOS

To enable network access in a Flutter app on macOS add the following key-value:



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